SIGNS OF SINGAPORE #2 – the bleeding obvious

It's for your own good, you know. Suppose your bike didn't float, where would you be then?

Street signs in other people’s countries offer an endless source of entertainment…

Always wear a hat when walking in parks and forest.

Watch out for this on the trains. I thought it was about pickpockets, but it’s ‘to prevent outrage of modesty’, I was informed by the small print in the train compartment.

Beware of stick figures behaving badly!

If you click on that photo above you’ll see in the very fine print at the side that it was the ‘Concept by students of LASALLE College of the Arts’. A work experience project sign, in other words. They certainly succeeded in attracting my attention and I look forward to seeing more.

Then I spotted this one at an MRT station and stopped to read it while I waited for the next train.

It was hard to read because of the artistic lettering, so I've transcribed the highlights below. I like it very much.

They set sail in the boundless sea, suddenly losing sight of home and the cloud route led to the southern sky. It was a necessity, therefore it was possible; believing in their being capable, therefore they became omnipotent: to lift the heavy cauldron, to carry on back sacks of rice, to open up new land in the barren waste for cultivation. Chapters of history are laden with tales of the labouring coolies.

…striving for survival and then for excellence; caring for being good they have done all things better: in building the society, the family, the school and the nation. Roads, lanes and shops in the community miss the sight of the bullock carts.

Tan Swie Hian (Singaporean writer and artist).


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6 responses to “SIGNS OF SINGAPORE #2 – the bleeding obvious

  1. There is nothing left to say.

  2. iain

    Oddly enough Richard someone in Spain has invented a bike that does actually move over the water, I saw it on TV recently. Only problem is that you have to keep pedalling otherwise it sinks!

  3. Maybe it’s there in case it freezes over – a sign that we’re really in trouble I’d say! Can never be too careful!

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