MARINA BAY, SINGAPORE – glass and chrome in black and white

It was the shapes that appealed to me.

I’ve been wondering what to do with my photos of the extraordinary new buildings around Singapore’s Marina Bay. I was there early in the morning, but there was little colour in the sky. So I had an idea – how about making everything black and white?

It’s my first foray into this sort of photography, so while unconditional praise is welcome, please bear in mind that constructive criticism could be discouraging to a beginner.

There's very little colour there anyway.

The Artscience Museum - open now with the Titanic Experience exhibition.

Workers admire the Titanic's unsinkable hull. I didn't take this photo...well, yes, I took the photo, but someone else had already taken the original. All I had to do was conceal my camera from security.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel towers over it all.

'Futuristic' is the cliché that comes to mind.

Esplanade Arts Centre - is it just me, or from this angle does it look like...ah, stop it!

The skin of 'the Durian' - Esplanade from close up.

The real trees in the new Botanic Gardens may take some time to grow, but meanwhile these will have to do.

I caught this couple posing (rather melodramatically) for their wedding photos. They were in black and white too.


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15 responses to “MARINA BAY, SINGAPORE – glass and chrome in black and white

  1. Great photos. I like that you captured the patterns & geometry of the buildings rather than strictly going for wide shots. Thanks!

  2. Great photos, Richard. What were you saying about the angle of the art’s centre? LOL 😉

    • Thanks Carol…when you get impressive architecture like this it’s a bit like photographing sculpture. Someone else has already done the tricky artistic work and you just have to turn up and admire it.

  3. Duncan Ball

    Beautifully composed photos, Richard! Well done.

  4. Very artistic! How clever you are! How am I going?

  5. Lots of unconditional praise Richard. What an impressive lot they all are.
    Come on Sydney, step it up!

  6. Thanks, chfj.

    We do have the Opera House and the Coathanger here, which could look good with the black and white treatment. Or would that be a waste of a blue sky?

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  8. photos likes make think “how come i didnʻt think of that?” theyʻre featuring harry potter back then so that should be a good excuse 😉

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