Telunas Beach - not a bad office to go to work in.

I’ll be working from my other office for a couple of weeks, and may be out of cybercontact some of the time.

Yes, I really will be working, running writing camps for high school and elementary school students from Singapore.

We take them out to Telunas Beach, a rustic resort on the island of Sugi in Indonesia.

The route from Singapore to Batam-Sekupang and on to Telunas Beach. At least, I think this is the route. Someone else does the driving.

It takes an hour to get from Singapore to Batam, then another 90 minutes to travel out to Telunas in one of these pancung boats.

Once there, we explore the beach, the jungle and deserted islands (there are over 2000 of them in the Riau Archipelago), and visit local fishing villages to meet the people there.

It gives everyone plenty of material to write creative stories about, under my expert guidance of course.

Riau Island fishing village.

There’s no internet access for guests at Telunas Beach, but I wouldn’t have time to blog anyway. As you can imagine, I’ll be flat out.


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4 responses to “OUT OF OFFICE AUTOREPLY – back soon

  1. Mike

    What a tough, tough gig. Try to enjoy it.

  2. Hey Richard, Are you short of a school teacher currently looking for a new job in paradise? Happy New Year! Therese

    • Happy New Year to you too, Therese. We’ll need a German speaker for my next school group, but it may be a bit of a stretch to find one by next week. However, a holiday at Telunas is open to anyone, any time, and is highly recommended.

      Maybe you could even bring a class from Australia (en route to France?) It would be a great experience for them, particularly the visits we make to the local fishing villages.

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