SYDNEY THEATRE AWARDS 2012 – a win for Snow on Mars

Rick Everett (horizontal) and Dean Cross (vertical) in Snow on Mars. Photo Branco Gaica

I was delighted to see that Snow on Mars, our production in last year’s Sydney Festival, won the Sydney Theatre Award as Best Production for Children.

These are the awards voted on by a panel of Sydney’s professional theatre critics. Normally we pay no attention to reviews and awards; critics are idiots who wouldn’t know a decent show if it walked up and vomited on their foot (to misquote Steve Martin).

So imagine our surprise to discover that these particular reviewers are people of such intelligence and discernment.

It was Hell on Earth getting Snow on Mars to the stage. The story I wrote was simple enough, but the show required extraordinary technical work in video, aerobatics, music and choreography. It needed to fill the stage of a large theatre, on a very limited budget.

It took a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get it on, so it’s great that the achievement was recognised.

Thanks to all the production team from Kim Carpenter’s Theatre of Image under director Gale Edwards and congratulations to the terrific hard-working multi-talented cast.

This is the second time in two years that Theatre of Image has won the award – The Book of Everything won in 2011. Note to self: Write a new play very quickly to avoid missing out in 2013.


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11 responses to “SYDNEY THEATRE AWARDS 2012 – a win for Snow on Mars

  1. Duncan Ball

    Well done, Richard! It was a wonderful production. We both loved it and promise never to (intentionally) vomit on your feet. Duncan & Jill

  2. How wonderful! I’m sure the win was well deserved.

  3. Congratulations, Richard!

    Any chance that “Snow on Mars” might be touring to South Africa at any stage?

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