POLYGLOT TANGLE – Sydney Festival 2012

The Festival of Sydney is on again.

I took the grandson to Hyde Park for the opening free events for families.

We loved the Tangle Garden, devised by Polyglot Theatre from Melbourne.

It’s a fabulously simple concept – invite kids and parents to build their own communal artwork, a jungle of tangled coloured elastic, then play in it.

The stage is a forest of golden poles, topped with interesting shapes. As the music starts, pleasant, environmental and a bit New Agey, we are issued with balls of elastic and given some simple instructions.

Take a ball of stretchy elastic...

...tie one end to a pole...

...then start weaving, any way you like.

Little by little a tangle emerges...

...until everyone is caught up in the event.

The adult performers guide the activity when needed, occasionally helping to hoist the tangle higher up the poles to make a canopy, or adding different coloured elastic to the mix, transforming the art.

Everyone has a great time. For video evidence, click here.


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2 responses to “POLYGLOT TANGLE – Sydney Festival 2012

  1. Giggle – that looks like suuuch fun! đŸ˜€

  2. It was like watching a termites next grow, Reggie (only faster).

    Nobody seemed to be in charge, but it developed into something that looked wonderful.

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