SYDNEY NEW YEAR’S EVE – fireworks on the bridge

A cracking start to 2012.

Mevrouw T and I are rather bah-humbug about New Year’s Eve, with its noise, crowds, forced jollity, over-indulgence and morning after regrets. Our procedure in recent years has been to watch the 9.00pm children’s fireworks on TV, then go to bed and try to sleep through the distant rumble of the 12.00am edition.

This year however came an offer too good to refuse – a very pleasant dinner party chez the only people we know whose apartment overlooks Sydney Harbour.

Samoa officially changed its time zone a day before the event, thus forever losing December 30, 2011. We here in Australia had December 30 as usual, and I can assure Samoans that they didn’t miss much.

December 31st was a different matter however. Sydney Harbour does its fireworks well, and has the magnificent asset of the Sydney Harbour Bridge to attach them to. It is a spectacular event, well worth catching if you can be in town that evening.

I’m not an experienced night photographer, so please excuse the fuzzy images.

I was the designated driver, so my hand was as steady as a rock. Perhaps my camera had had a few too many, or our companions were jiggling the balcony railing in all the excitement.

Happy 2012 to all!


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7 responses to “SYDNEY NEW YEAR’S EVE – fireworks on the bridge

  1. Erika

    Happy New Year, Richard! Always enjoy your missives… We are still a few hours away from 2012, at home, quiet, with books, etc. No regrets here in the morning! All the best for the family!!

  2. Happy New Year to you! One year I would love to be on the harbour for the fireworks.

  3. Robert Love


    I think your camera would pass a breath test. Happy New Year to you and Agnes. Look forward to seeing you during this 2012.

    Robert Love

  4. They certainly beat the fireworks in the piazza of Casabasciana! Happy new year to you and Agnes!

  5. Sydney has always put on a stunning firework display. Thanks for sharing these great photos.

  6. Happy New Year to you and Mrs. T, Richard! Wishing you 366 days filled with the best biking and hiking ever!

  7. Wow, Richard, your firework photos are stunning! I tried to take some photos of the fireworks display at the Cape Town harbour – okay, admittedly, we were on the other side of the bay, very far away! – but none of them are usable. Well done! And HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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