MUSEUM OF SYDNEY – still life after Robyn Stacey

This one should have a tattered musical score, an hourglass and a skull in there somewhere. Photo NOT by Robyn Stacey.

I very much enjoyed the still life photographs by Robyn Stacey whose exhibition House is currently showing at the Museum of Sydney.

Stacey has selected objects from the historic Vaucluse House and Elizabeth Bay House, arranged them superbly, lit them artfully, and produced images to rival the great classical still life painters.

Her expertise is intimidating, but it wasn’t enough to deter me from setting up my own home studio and having a crack at it with the bedside reading lamp.

Mevrouw T takes very good care of the family glass and silver. Yep, this is one of mine too.

There's still life in these flowers and there will be for some time; the lilies are plastic.

Stacey’s House gives a romanticised snapshot of what life would have been like in those grand establishments in the nineteenth century.

I decided to be more honest than that, giving a fearless, warts-and-all portrait of life in Casa Tulloch, 2011.

An honest Tulloch still life

This still life photography is child's play!

Here’s the link again to Robyn Stacey’s work. It’s well worth a look.

Entry to the Museum of Sydney costs $10. It’s free for members of the Historic Houses Trust, which incidentally has reciprocal arrangements with the National Trust in Britain.


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2 responses to “MUSEUM OF SYDNEY – still life after Robyn Stacey

  1. Dylan Coleman

    I love your homage.

    • Thanks Dylan. Nice to get praise from someone from my alma mater! I began my artistic career in a Scotch College artroom, though had to drop the subject when forced to choose between art and music. That was in the old days. I hope times have changed.

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