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SYDNEY HARBOUR DAY 3 – Circular Quay to Pyrmont

The Sea Shepherd, preparing to go to the Southern Ocean and battle the Japanese whaling fleet (and I hope they win!). There's always something going on here.

This is the touristy part of the trek. This is the stretch that welcomes visitors, offers them food and fun, and invites them to empty their wallets. Continue reading


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OUTPOST PROJECT – Banksy found on Cockatoo Island

Praise be to Outpost and Oi You! for bringing Banksy to Sydney.

We made a return trip to the Outpost Project at Cockatoo Island yesterday, taking the grandsons to search for the elusive Banksy. They may not know much about art, but they know what they like and what they like is a ferry trip on Sydney Harbour. Continue reading


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SYDNEY HARBOUR WALK DAY 2 – Point Piper to the Sydney Opera House

It would be unreasonable to expect the whole walk to look quite like this.

Walking Sydney Harbour – Day 2

There are only three Australian landmarks that people around the world recognise even if they’ve never seen them live, up close and personal. I passed two of them on my walk today. The third one is Uluru (formerly ‘Ayers Rock’). Continue reading


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SYDNEY HARBOUR – could I walk 317km?

People pay very big bucks for houses and hotels with views like this. I can have them for nothing.

An interesting project just occurred to me. Yesterday I went out to Cockatoo Island and discovered that the excellent Outpost Project street art event was sponsored by the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Trust. I’d never heard of that august body, though I wasn’t surprised to hear it existed. The parts of Sydney Harbour foreshore I’ve seen deserve a trust to look after them. I googled Sydney Harbour, and was intrigued to learn that it has 317km of foreshore.

Now there’s a challenge! How long would it take me to walk it all? Continue reading


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OUTPOST PROJECT – Banky’s street art on Cockatoo Island, Sydney

The disused factories are the perfect setting for street art

I thought the fun of doing street art was that you did it in secret, when no-one was looking, in a place you weren’t supposed to be. Countless local councils have tried to combat unwanted graffiti by designating legal street art walls. The Sydney Harbour Federation Trust has gone a step further, giving street artists, skateboarders and visitors an island to play on for a month. Continue reading


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HIKING FRANCE – la Grande Traversée des Alpes

This is an easy bit, but up ahead...

Hannibal did it, Napoleon did it and now I can say I’ve done it too. Those famous conquerors were faster, but I understand they did it the easy way. The wusses rode elephants and horses, took shortcuts and had armies of minions carrying their gear for them.

I travelled on foot, by the scenic route, doing all my own walking and lugging all my own stuff, with just a small entourage of intrepid friends, and it took us five week-long trips spaced across five separate years to make the Grande Traversée des Alpes, the Great Alpine Crossing. This year we finished the job. Continue reading


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