TE ARAROA – New Zealand’s new super tramp opens

A trail like this, 3000km long. Sounds good? Sweet as!

Are you up for a challenge? Able to take a year off work? A new Kiwi tramp, Te Araroa (the Long Pathway), opens in December 2011.

You'd be wise to carry a more detailed map than this, but it gives you an idea of what you're in for.

Hundreds of volunteers have worked to create the 3000km long trail, which will traverse New Zealand from Cape Reinga in the North to Bluff in the South.

Much of it follows existing walking paths, ‘down the coastline, through the forest, across farmland, over volcanoes and mountain passes, along river valleys, and on green pathways through seven cities,’ according to the Te Araroa website.

Thanks to the extraordinary variety of New Zealand’s terrain, this promises to be one of the greatest long distance walks in the world. The difficulty may be in the logistics of getting to and from starting points of stages in more remote parts of the country.

Advice on this is already available. A few fanatics have jumped the gun and walked Te Araroa already, using roads to skirt around unfinished track sections. Some of their stories and links to their blogs are posted on the site.

The website also has downloadable maps and trip notes.

New Zealand has some of the world’s greatest hiking, but the designated Great Walks are getting very popular and crowded in the high season. And I’ve done most of them now.

Te Araroa looks like a tempting alternative. Okay, probably not the whole thing, but it’s sure to have some great highlights.

If you know about any of them, please tell me. Stay where you are, New Zealand – I’m coming over!

Mt Ruapehu - Tongariro National Park


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5 responses to “TE ARAROA – New Zealand’s new super tramp opens

  1. I love NZ and when I hear of the track I wish I was 40-50 years younger. I will be in NZ Feb 2012 for my sons 5oth BD. Thanks for the post I will look up the track details may be able to walk a short section…

  2. One of the nice things about the track is that it passes through cities, I presume by the most scenic available routes. Outside the towns it follows lesser known short walking tracks, many of which are sure to be excellent and not necessarily difficult.

  3. The trail looks incredible. It’d take for so long to complete it tho! But that would be a radical experience! The photos are very exciting!

    • Lots of great hiking in NZ, Orel. I try to get there every year to hike, but there’s too much to do in one lifetime. I highly recommend it, for a short time at least. It’s spectacular, well-organised and relatively safe. No snakes and grizzly bears anyway!

  4. Tim

    Sounds fantastic. I’ve only ever done the Tongariro Crossing during a rapid-fire three-week stay in New Zealand, but it would be lovely to experience the incredible variety of NZ’s landscapes at walking pace rather than at 60mph.

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