SCULPTURE BY THE SEA – popular winners announced

Winner of the people's choice award. South Korean artist Byeong-Doo Moon's Cosmic Elk

Prince Frederik of Denmark and our favourite Princess Mary from Tassie visited Sculpture by the Sea today and announced the winners of the popular choice awards.

The People’s Choice went to the one I picked as my favourite too. Damn! I’ve got the same low-brow taste in art as the Sydney hoi polloi.

The kids got to make a pick as well, and of course they went for the gruesome one. If I want to be popular with kids, I’ll enter a big farting bottom next year. They’ll love it!

Winner of the Kids' Choice - Ken Unsworth's Look this way. They did.

The official judges' winner - Paul Selwood from the Hunter Valley

It was appropriate that the Danish royals should be there. The story goes that they went to Sculpture by the Sea 2000 on an early date, after meeting during the Sydney Olympics. It’s a clever date to go on – you have something to talk about, the environment is wonderful and you can impress by appearing to be a bit arty and intelligent.

Mary and Fred and Who left the Tap running? Photo Lee Besford, Fairfax media.

No surprise that it worked out for them and the idea of Sculpture by the Sea has been taken to Aarhus in Denmark, with great success. I was lucky enough to see the inaugural Danish version in 2009.

So ends this fabulous event for another year. Get to Sydney next November for more.


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4 responses to “SCULPTURE BY THE SEA – popular winners announced

  1. David Barrett

    To be honest, I don’t think much of the official judges’ winner. What does that say about their taste, or mine?

    • It’s a technically clever piece, David, and was praised by the jury for the way it appears different from different angles. But no, it wouldn’t have been picked as a favourite by many members of the public.

  2. I’m with David, I wouln’t have chosen the judges’ pick. My son would definitely have chosen the skeleton, maybe he would still at 38.

    • It would be too sinister to suggest that the judges deliberately choose something that will be controversial.

      I’ve sat on panels judging literature, and there’s a phenomenon I’ve seen referred to as the ‘over my dead body syndrome’. The winner is not the work that everyone agrees is brilliant; it’s the one that nobody objects strongly to – often the third or fourth choice on each panellist’s list.

      We should never take art awards too seriously, but I think it’s great that it generates discussion.

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