SYDNEY FISH MARKET – lunch break!

Thousand of seagulls can't be wrong.

My circumnavigatory walk of Sydney Harbour has brought me to the Sydney Fish Market. It’s a good place to stop and take a breather, if you don’t mind the fishy smell.

It’s the biggest fish market in the Southern Hemisphere and the second biggest in the world (‘in terms of variety’) outside Japan. I suppose the Japanese need big seafood markets to accommodate those scientifically caught whales.

Since it moved to its present site on Blackwattle Bay in 1966, the fish market has expanded into a major Sydney attraction, a place where people come as much for entertainment and information as to buy fresh seafood to take home.

12,000 guests a year attend the Sydney Seafood School, to learn about oyster shucking or paella preparation from leading chefs. I see the course to be run in December by the great Thai chef David Thompson (of nahm in London) is sold out. Dahm!

If you were thinking of getting a few prawns to chuck on the barby at Christmas, the market will be open for 36 hours straight on December 23-24th. It will be busy. I won’t be there. I prefer the quieter times to stop for coffee and a fresh seafood lunch.

You can eat your fish and chips inside...

...or outside with a view...

...of the Anzac Bridge.

Live crabs to go. Notice that none of them are waving, saying 'Pick me, pick me!'

And naturally there are fish.

It's a relaxed place most of the time. There are some rules, however.


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6 responses to “SYDNEY FISH MARKET – lunch break!

  1. I do love a photo with a bird in it. I have just been to Venice and spent a morning wandering in the Venice fish market. It is all so different from the barramundi and red emperor that we see at home. I couldn’t identify some of the things I saw, but I’m sure it is all delicious.

  2. I think fish markets are worth visiting anywhere, Debra.

    And yes, I was delighted when that ibis perched on the sign at the right time, and the seagulls took flight under the fish billboard.

  3. Brian Morris

    Love your ‘eye’ for getting that unique shot Richard. Well done! An illustrated coffee table book on the way?

  4. Thanks for thinking of us Richard – sorry you weren’t quick enough with David’s class – it sold out almost as soon as it went on sale! Email me and I can arrange for you to sit in on the demonstration part as my guest if you like.

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