SCULPTURE BY THE SEA 2011 – the wittiest and the prettiest

Simon McGrath - Who left the tap running?

I’m sure a lot of the appeal of Sculpture by the Sea is that much of the work doesn’t take itself too seriously. There is plenty here to make us smile.

Chava Kuchar - the hazard. One of the world's trickier golf holes.

Keld Moseholm's Rolling Pin. His little fat men are perennial favourites at Sculpture by the Sea...


Stephen Marr - the Golden Buddha's seaside holiday

Welcome to Australia, mate. Anything I can get you?

People like to interact with art and feel part of it. Jane Gillings - Provenance, a gilt frame.

There is also serious sculpture which is simple and elegant. The best of it would look good anywhere, but here it has a stunning location.

Bert Flugelman - Ammonite

Sandra Pitkin - Dance

Georg Mayerhanser - Angel is born

Steve Croquette - Heads up.

And the winner of Sculpture by the Sea 2011 is…

Paul Selwood - paradiema metaphysic. Congratulations, Paul. It's a clever piece of work, carved and folded out of a single sheet of iron. Though with a title like that, I don't think you were trying to get a laugh.


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7 responses to “SCULPTURE BY THE SEA 2011 – the wittiest and the prettiest

  1. My desire to go this year has just been increased by your take on it. Fabulous.

  2. I love the little fat men. I wish I could see this, but it will be over by the time I get back to Australia. Perhaps it should be permanent, with changes to the installations occasionally.

    • BdL, a permanent outdoor gallery along the clifftops with changing exhibitions would be brilliant. Unfortunately it’s a very expensive thing to run, with security a constant issue. But over a couple of weeks it brings in far more revenue than it costs.

  3. Menno

    Schitterend!! We zouden graag even een weekendje overvliegen om te komen kijken.

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