UNDERWATER CYCLING – only in the Netherlands!

Two tunnel entrances of (almost) equal size - cars to the left, bikes to the right.

Is there anywhere else in world where cyclists get their own tunnels?

We came across this one just south of Rotterdam.

The Maas River - a great cycle path beside it, but how do you get across?

Of course there is a way. This is Holland.

A lift takes cyclists and their bikes down below water level, to the entrance to the Heinenoord Tunnel.

Heinenoord bike tunnel - great surface and a fast downhill run.

It's about a kilometre long, with another lift to bring you to the surface at the far end.

Does any other country provide such infrastructure for cyclists?

Don’t you wish there was more of it?


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12 responses to “UNDERWATER CYCLING – only in the Netherlands!

  1. With the weather we had this summer, I’d suggest they scoop out tunnels below the entire country. 🙂

    • Aw, come on, Mina, it’s not that bad.

      As I write, the sun is streaming in the window and shining on my computer screen, making it hard to read. It hasn’t rained since lunchtime. Climate change is here already.

  2. Very cool. What other mischief do they get up to in there?

    • We zipped through it too fast to get up to mischief, Therese.

      But I did notice some very happy high school kids emerging from the Rotterdam end. Perhaps they were just very keen bike riders, but maybe they knew something we didn’t know?

  3. We could certainly use more bike friendly roads in Brisbane. We have a new bike rental scheme which noblody seems to be using.

    • No doubt it’s the mandatory helmet laws reducing use of city rental bikes, BdL. I cheerfully use my helmet when riding my own bike in Australia, but would never have it with me when I’m visiting Brisbane and feel like a little ride on a rental bike.

  4. This is suuuch a cool idea, Richard – your own tunnel just for bikes! Wow.

  5. Hi Richard,

    While blogging about the best running routes in Amsterdam, I came across your website; you’ve got a beautiful pic of the Kalfjeslaan (i’m not stealing it, though). Then I started reading your blog – an interesting read!

    I will RSS to your blog. If you’ve got s/t about Amsterdam, I’m happy to promote it. My blog is LifeinAmsterdam.com.

    Happy cycling!

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  7. The Mount Baker Ridge Tunnel in Seattle, WA, USA, has a separate tube for bicyclists and pedestrians. It leads to the I-90 floating bridge, which has a bike path along one side.

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