BUDGET AMSTERDAM – best card deal?

Amsterdam hotels and restaurants are notoriously expensive compared to what is available in other parts of Europe.

So you may well be looking for some euro-saving options in the entertainment/transport/museum areas.

Call in at a Visitor Information Centre in Amsterdam and they’ll offer you an Iamsterdam Card. The city pass gives free entry to most Amsterdam museums, use of public transport, a trip in a ‘hop on hop off’ rondvaart canal boat and various discounts on food and shopping.

The cost is EUR39 for 24 hours, EUR49 for 48 hours and EUR59 for 72 hours.

Good value, but depending on how you intend to spend your time in Holland, a Museumkaart (Museum Card), valid for a year at a mere EUR39.95 may be better value.

The Museumkaart has the advantage of giving unlimited entry to over 400 museums around the Netherlands, an excellent deal if you are intending to travel to other towns in the country. And, I repeat, it’s valid for a year, not just for a few days.

It is available at larger museums or online.

To save RT’s LOTR readers the trouble of googling Amsterdam’s attractions, I’ve done it for you, and can now give you an idea of the cost of doing the most popular tourist things in town.

Entry prices quoted are for adult tickets.

Anne Frank House EUR8.50 Museum Card (MC) free, Iamsterdam Card (IC) not accepted.
Rijksmuseum EUR12.50 MC, IC free
Van Gogh Museum EUR14.00 MC, IC free
Hermitage Amsterdam EUR15.00 MC, IC free

Rondvaart canal boat EUR13.00 (one hour trip)
Hop on, hop off canal boat EUR22.00 (24 hour pass)

Single tram or bus ride EUR2.60 (valid for one hour)

Bike hire EUR9.50 (24 hours), EUR30.80 (7 days). For this you get a basic city bike from Macbike.


Both cards win easily over the cost of buying single tickets and have the added advantage of saving you time queuing for entry tickets.

If you expect to visit three or more big museums, you’ll get your money’s worth out of an Iamsterdam or a Museum card.

If you expect to use public transport a few times, and would like to do a canal boat trip (very touristy, but recommended for first-timers in the town), the Iamsterdam Card is the one you want.

If you’re planning to visit museums in other parts of the country and enjoy walking or cycling to get around town, get the Museum Card instead.


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5 responses to “BUDGET AMSTERDAM – best card deal?

  1. Thanks for the tips. I am really looking forward to Amsterdam.

  2. You should be looking forward to it, BdL.

    We can’t guarantee the weather and the food may not always be up to Italian standards, but there are plenty of great things to do.

  3. Jeri

    So glad I found this site! My son is studying in Amsterdam and we will visit later this month. Your blog and photos are wonderful! I look forward to reading more and letting my son know about it.


  4. Jorge

    Great! What about the Holland Pass?

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