ROSWINKEL, DRENTHE – harvest home

Belgian draught-horses always pull a crowd.

The little Dutch village Roswinkel, population just a few hundred, comes to life once a year.

It’s an unremarkable spot in the northern Netherlands province of Drenthe.

Roswinkel has no great museums, castles or stately homes. Yet it’s managed to hang around for over 750 years, making it about the same age as Amsterdam. And each year it stages an ‘Oogstdag’ harvest festival.

My brother-in-law and Roswinkel resident Jacob Oldenburger described the event well as ‘an oasis of nostaglia’.

We can learn about hand-made rope from these gentlemen...

...while the ladies cook traditional Drenthe spekdikken.

Spekdikken are ryebread pancakes with bacon pressed through them.

The Amoroso brass orchestra plays jolly oompah music all afternoon.

Enthusiasts show us their old motors, whether large...

...or miniature.

Everybody loves a grain threshing demonstration.

...and learning how to grind the grain into flour.

Like Roswinkel itself, the Oogstdag festival is small and unpretentious, but everybody has a great day out.


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6 responses to “ROSWINKEL, DRENTHE – harvest home

  1. Looks like great fun at the fair! Therese

  2. What a great way to spend a day.

  3. Oooh, that looks soo interesting and unusual – thanks for sharing the pics, and I particularly like the Dutch words you put in.

  4. Kasper

    My father Jacobs realy likes this particular nostalgic events. It must be one of the reasons why he moves to Roswinkel after his stay there during te war.

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