CADEL WINS! – in Surhuisterveen

Cadel chats to Dutch former Tour de France winner Jan Janssen. Photo ANP.

G’day again, Cadel, and congratulations!!

Mission accomplished as you won yesterday’s criterium in Surhuisterveen, Nederland.

It would have been a thrill for you to meet Jan Janssen too. He’s big here in Holland, having won the Tour de France in 1968 and the World Championship in 1964. I understand you did something similar in your training build-up to the Surhuisterveen, so you would have had plenty to talk about.

I’ve been away hiking so I missed the end of your warm-up for the great Friesian event (you were training on some mountains somewhere in France, I believe), but you obviously timed your preparation to perfection and were able to whip all those Dutch butts when it was needed in Surhuisterveen.

How did you enjoy Friesland, by the way? Nice, isn’t it? Mevrouw T and I were up that way recently because our epic 1000km ride along the Pieperpad started in Buitenpost, right next to Surhuisterveen.

That Pieperpad is something you could do tomorrow, Cadel, if you’ve got a bit of free time. Let me know if you’d like some advice about a scenic route.

I could lend you the guidebook, and point you to some good spots along the way for getting appeltaart, goat cheese and organic potatoes. Also the best B&Bs. Just drop the book back in the mail when you’ve finished with it.

It’s a good time to be visiting Holland too, Cadel. We’ve got Amsterdam’s Gay Pride canal parade on Saturday and the Deventer Book Fair coming up on Sunday. I’m looking forward to them.

Cheers mate!


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4 responses to “CADEL WINS! – in Surhuisterveen

  1. David Barrett

    Have you sent him the link to your “Life on the Road”? I’m sure he would be impressed.

    • I met Cadel in Amsterdam last year and wished him luck for Stage 3 of the Giro d’Italia. He had a shocking day – first equipment problems, then caught in a wind gust that split the peloton and effectively lost him the race.

      I was hiking in Iceland for the last week of le Tour, so I completely missed his brilliant chase up the Galibier and his time trial.

      I’m sure Cadel feels the less he sees of me the better he will ride.

  2. I’m sure he would love to know about the scenic route!

    • Too often I’ve seen Cadel riding kilometre after kilometre, head down, watching the rear end of George Hincapie through wrap-around dark glasses.

      All good fun I’m sure, but he’s missing the best part of cycling!

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