EINAR JONSSEN – Iceland’s great sculptor

Einar Jonssen - Earth

One of Reykjavik’s attractions is the sculpture garden dedicated to the work of Einar Jonssen (1874-1954).

I like it – classical, rich in symbolism. I can’t claim to understand all the symbolism, but it does intrigue.

The work is beautifully executed, and stays still when you point a camera at it, patiently waiting while you choose your angle.





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8 responses to “EINAR JONSSEN – Iceland’s great sculptor

  1. Duncan Ball

    Love the sculpture, Richard. Sort of Auguste Rodin meets Henry Moore meets Björk on a good day. And thanks for checking my blog whilst in Iceland (I’m only guessing that it was you). You’ve now put Iceland on my blog stats map. All the best, Duncan

  2. Aw, Duncan, you must have lots of fans in Iceland. I did check the kids’ section in a Reykjavik bookshop to see who’s been translated into Icelandic.

    Nobody we know, though Guus Kuijer (The Book of Everything) was there on the shelves.

    • Duncan Ball

      Yes, you’re right, but all my fans there are in the very select Selby’s Iceland Fan Club which only the die-hards are allowed to join. I do hope you donated a few copies of your wonderful oeuvre to the RML. (Reykjavik Municipal Library) By the way did you know that the word ramshakle comes from Icelandic? That fact once won me the meat tray at the Burwood RSL on Trivia Night so it must be true.

      • Just Googled ‘ramshackle’, Duncan. (Of course I had to!) According to Collins Dictionary it derives from ‘ransaken’ or ransack in Middle English. No mention of Iceland, though those Vikings would have done a lot of ransacking of the Middle English in days past, leaving some ramshackle places in their wake.

        Feel free to pass this fascinating info on to your friends at Burwood RSL club.

  3. Agnès

    Beautiful. I never hear about this sculptor before.

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