Where in the world...? Click on the image for a better look, and send me your guess if you like.

My apologies to regular RT’s LOTR readers who may have noticed my disappearance from cyberspace over the past week.

I’m fine, just busy discovering the most beautiful place on the planet. They don’t have wifi there.

More about the hike tomorrow, and for some days to come.

Thanks Rob Staples for the above header image. That’s me, trying to look my best in silhouette, which is easier than looking good in close-up these days.


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7 responses to “WHERE ARE YOU, RICHARD?

  1. I look forward to all the news.

  2. VK

    Iceland or Tajikistan?

  3. shawjonathan

    Wherever it is it’s fabulous, and I guess it means you didn’t see Cadel Evans win the Tour.

  4. Well done, VK! And nice try, Margie. Maybe I should try Mongolia and Tajikstan next.

    And, Jonathan, not only did I not see Cadel’s amazing efforts, I didn’t even get any le Tour news for three days. That’s how remote it is here.

  5. VK

    You definately should try Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan next 🙂

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