LUCCA, ITALY – roadside bio-milk

The Latteria.

Our food guide Heather brought us to see this innovative little project. At various roadside stops in Lucca province are mysterious cabins like the one above.

Inside is a fridge, filled daily (we hope) with fresh biological milk by a local organic dairy farmer.

Coin in the slot milk fridge.

Customers bring their own bottles, or buy a reusable plastic one from the dispenser, put coins in the slot and out comes the milk. You don’t have to buy a full bottle – you only get and pay for what you need.

This is an excellent system, we thought, which could well be emulated in other parts of the world, perhaps with other products too.

Everybody seems happy, including the cows.


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3 responses to “LUCCA, ITALY – roadside bio-milk

  1. That is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Did you buy any?
    Imagine that system working in Australia…

  2. Richard, we are a LOOONG way from this in America. I doid stop at one ofthese in southern Tuscany and visited with the dairyman that supplied this.
    YES, the milk is fresh and is refilled every day. It is all raw milk.
    I teach traditional cheese making here in the US and being able to get great quality raw milk IS a big deal

    • Thanks for visiting, Jim. I haven’t seen the roadside fridge system anywhere else in the world, but it could be an opportunity for someone. Interesting to hear about your cheese-making – we also went to see a cheesemaker at work in Tuscany and found that really good too, as was her cheese!

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