RAIN – potatoes happy, cyclists not

You have to laugh, though sometimes we forget to.

This is Holland, where water is always around us, often under our feet and regularly falling on us from above.

We have been undertaking some wet weather product research so you lucky readers don’t have to do it yourselves…

(1) Which is better, a Kathmandu Goretex jacket or a North Face Hyvent model?
(2) Are Ortlieb bike panniers really waterproof?
(3) How about Timberland boots?
(4) Does a Garmin Edge 500 bike computer work underwater?
(5) Do Schwalbe tyres give better grip on a muddy road than Continental Gatorskins?
(6) How long does it take to get by train from a thunderstorm in Dordrecht to a warm dry Amsterdam apartment?

Answers: (1) Kathmandu model wins, which may explain why we found the North Face Hyvent dirt cheap at the clothing recycling depot (2) Yes (3) No (4) Yes (5) No noticeable difference (6) less than 2 hours

Next train, 3 minutes.

Dit is Holland. Water is altijd om ons heen, vaak onder onze voeten en regelmatig uit de hemel komt. We testen een soortering ‘waterdicht’ producten, dan hoeven gelukkige lezers dat zelf niet te doen.

(1) Is een Kathmandu Goretex jas of een North Face Hyvent model beter?
(2) Zijn Ortlieb fietstassen werkelijk waterdicht?
(3) En Timberland schoenen dan?
(4) Blijft een Garmin Edge 500 fietscomputer onderwater werken?
(5) Welke banden kunnen beter door het modder, Schwalbe of Continental Gatorskins?
(6) Hoeveel tijd kost het om met de trein van onweer in Dordrecht naar een warme droge Amsterdam appartement te komen?

Antwoorden: (1) Kathmandu wint. Misschien daarom hebben we de North Face Hyvent spotgoedkoop bij de kringloopwinkel gevonden (2) Ja (3) Nee (4) Ja (5) geen verschil te merken. (6) een kleine twee uur.

This is not the end. We will be back on the road with more Pieperpad reports very soon!


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9 responses to “RAIN – potatoes happy, cyclists not

  1. Not that I’m any expert in the area of mountaineering, but even though Hyvent propose new technologically advanced fibres, I’d go for Kathmandu every time just by the name of it. Conjuring literally an air of high alps and snowy caps, there’s no such romance in Hyvent.
    Happy travels, Therese
    P.S Enjoy the rain. It leads to productive writing!

  2. Will you go back to Dodrecht and pick up the trip when weather improves? Enjoying your blog. Enjoy Holland.

  3. Agnès

    Hoi Richard, Kees is trying today his nieuw Giant bicycle, his shoes and his clothes also. He just want to do the same test you did, I think. He is doing de special Jan Jansen competition in Wageningen called also ‘De hel van Wageningen’. I think it’s too cold for hel…
    😉 Agnès

    • Good luck, Kees! The Hell of Wageningen, eh? Predicted wind strength is 6 (gale force) in Zeeland today. Sometimes against us, sometimes with us, sometimes just blowing us sideways off the road.

      • Agnès

        Kees did his 125 km with a lot of rain and wind (most against) and spended the rest of the afternoon sleeping on the sofa…. It’s weekend again!

  4. So glad you did the consumer research for us, Richard. 🙂
    One — and particularly those who are familiar with the Dutch rain — can only admire mrs. T’s and your stamina and perseverance. Petje af!

  5. Well done, Kees! I rode through that wind and rain for a while too, and would never have managed 125km. But I bet he wasn’t carrying a camera and laptop in his panniers!

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