SATURDAY PHOTO #11 – Beach at De Koog, Texel Island, Netherlands

The real summer is yet to come.

I had hoped to bring you a Saturday photo of today’s Classico Boretti Bike Ride out of Amsterdam. I rode the 110km course, stopping along the way to take shots of the line of lycra loonies passing windmills and beaches, dunes and canals.

Then I arrived back in time to photograph others slower than myself (yes there were a few, though not many) crossing the finish line.

I got some great shots, but you’ll have to take my word for that, because…

I mounted my bike and rode home. ‘Now I should take a photo of myself,’ I thought. And I would have, only my camera was gone from the saddle bag.

Lost, stolen or strayed? I don’t know, but it’s gone.

If you found it, maybe outside the Velodrome where the Boretti finished, drop me a note in the comments box below and I’ll love you forever.

If you stole it, congratulations on crawling so nimbly through a tiny window of opportunity. Now could I have it back please?


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4 responses to “SATURDAY PHOTO #11 – Beach at De Koog, Texel Island, Netherlands

  1. I would hate to lose my camera. I could cope with the loss ofthe actual camera, but the memory card would make me really cross. The beach doesn’t look all that inviting.

    • Fortunately the memory card had only the day’s shooting on it, BdL, but yes, that’s the one irreplaceable thing. I still hope some kind person may have found my camera and will return it.

  2. How awful, Richard! I hope it’s found/returned to you.

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