DRENTHE, NETHERLANDS – a step back in time

Drenthe people don't all drive Citroen 'ugly ducklings', but a few of them do.

Drenthe, in the north-east Netherlands, is the least populated province of one of the most densely populated countries of the world.

Not all Drenthe farmers wear clogs and take the sheep out for walks, but some do.

Drenthe's roads are quiet, which leaves them free for thousands of septuagenarian cyclists, riding in pairs on matching his and hers touring bikes.

The place is full of colourful local characters.

This is the Emmer-Compascuum Woonboot (houseboat) Museum. It looks smart and modern on the outside, but...

...inside it's a step back in time. We love eccentric, private collections like this.

...and Drenthe hairdressers generally aren't as stiff as this gentleman.

The food in Drenthe tastes better than it looks - fortunately!

The art of thatching a barn still survives in Drenthe

And the scenery around it is hard to beat.

They've got everything that opens and shuts here, though it does it slowly.

It's the perfect place for a gentle Spring bike ride!


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7 responses to “DRENTHE, NETHERLANDS – a step back in time

  1. It all looks fabulous – except for the food.

    • I chose a salad, BdL, which was fine. And even the person who put the pictured food in his mouth (a local delicacy – chicken fillet and satay burger known as a ‘Compascuum’) swore that it didn’t taste too bad.

      But I’m sure the Italians can do a little better at roadside cafes, at least as far as presentation goes.

  2. Hi Richard, Julia here from Great Bike Ride (UDS)
    Great photos; I’m particularly enjoying the pun-filled captions too!

    Funny i should stumble upon your blog at this time, I’m writing an article at the moment about attitudes towards cycling in our car driven society, using the Netherlands as a comparison. Some reporter in The West recently pegged Perth as the next Amsterdam. but I think we’ve got a long way to go :S
    Safe travels!

    • G’day from Amsterdam, Julia, and very nice to hear from you. I enjoyed your blog post on the Great WA Bike Ride too. Yes, I agree that Perth has a way to go before it matches the Netherlands. I like the look of the Kwinana Freeway bike path, but every decent road here in Holland has something similar running along it. I just rode 60km to Leiden today, and didn’t have a single problem with a car. All the best (with UDS too)!

  3. Laurens Hoogenboom

    I’m “the person who put the picture food in his mouth”. I will not reccomend this to other people. But I’m still alive. And I can show u a picture of what Richard calls a salad: believe me it did not look like that. But it’s possible Richard thought about a salad because there was a stawberry on it.

    • The strawberry was very nice, Laurens – a genuine product of Holland – and so was the chicken in my salad. I think it was the same chicken you had, only yours was smothered in that brown stuff they call ‘satay sauce’.

      It tastes good too, but the look of it…let’s just say it should never be photographed in close-up.

  4. Laurens Hoogenboom

    And that is what we both did. I promise you: From now on I will only make photo’s of good looking food, even when the taste is very bad.

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