SATURDAY PHOTO 3 – Waitomo Dawn

Waitomo Dawn

It’s hard to take a bad photo in New Zealand, and I know it’s a terrible cliche to photograph a sunrise (only photos of sunsets are more cliched), but it’s nice to prove I was up at dawn. And on this occasion I did like the mist hanging in the valleys and the contrasting shapes of the trees. My question for anyone who knows more about photography than I do is, how can I intensify the sky colours without completely darkening the landscape?

All suggestions gratefully received!


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5 responses to “SATURDAY PHOTO 3 – Waitomo Dawn

  1. One technique – shooting from a tripod using breking, for example: the first shot with -2 stops, the second one – exact exposure and third one -2 stops. After this – editor with multiple layers and masks to bring the picture to the desired result.
    Good luck:)

  2. Another way – use the same frame (shot without a tripod), but handle it two different ways in the converter (but you need to shoot in RAW format) for the sky (exposure compensation to minus), and plot below the sky – plus a correction . Then placed on different layers in the editor and use the masks. I mainly use this method. Here’s an example –

  3. bagnidilucca

    My goodness, photography sounds so complicated. I just point the camera and press the button, which is why I will never be a photographer I suppose. I like your photo. That area looks a bit like the countryside near here.

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