WAITOMO CAVES, NEW ZEALAND – my life in their hands

My life hung by a thread...

If you’ve read other RT’s LOTR posts, you may already know about my fear of heights. You will understand that dangling on a rope 100metres above rocks is not my favourite place to be.

However, today I’ve learned to trust gear and trust guides.

The Waitomo Caves are a two and a half drive south of Auckland. I thought I’d seen enough limestone caves to last me the rest of my life. All a bit the same, I thought.

But the great thing about Waitomo is doing it as an adventure activity. I abseiled down the aforementioned 100m rope before breakfast, with Guide Anna encouraging me from above and Guide Jimmy attached to me by a blue strap – ‘If I go, he goes,’ I thought, so I followed his instructions to the letter.

...so I could smile when looking up, but not when looking down.

It's worth it, because the Lost World is a remarkable place.

Then I pulled on a wetsuit, helmet and light, and when told to jump backwards off a waterfall into the dark, I asked ‘How far?’ ‘Far enough to miss the rock ledge,’ said Guide Vee. I set a personal best for the backwards spring from standing start.

It's like the army - they dress you all the same and make you look ridiculous, so you'll follow orders without question.

The writer was a guest of Tourism New Zealand, Waitomo Adventures and The Legendary Blackwater Rafting Company.


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5 responses to “WAITOMO CAVES, NEW ZEALAND – my life in their hands

  1. bagnidilucca

    I’ll take your word that it was great, because I am not doing it.

  2. Nor am I. My fear of heights must be infinitely greater than yours!

  3. WOW! It looks awesome! I’ll take your word about the experience, though 😉

  4. Thanks for the piking out, BdL, Libby and Carol.

    The best thing about having done it is having done it, and thus never having to do it again!

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