Fishermen make an early start at Telunas Beach, Indonesia

I’m going to try a little experiment to see if it improves my photography. I’ll undertake to post a new photo each Saturday and hope I can come up with something acceptable on a weekly basis. If anyone knows more about photography than I do (and nearly everyone with a camera does), feel free to suggest ways I could do it better. Otherwise click on ‘SHARE’, pass it on to everyone you know, and/or send me unconditional praise, encouragement and pats on the head.

Okay, the pressure is on, the bullet has been bitten and the nettle grasped, so here’s offering number one.

For the record, this was shot with a Canon 500D, with 17-85mm lens. You probably don’t need to know that, but it sounds more professional if I tell you.


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6 responses to “SATURDAY PHOTO #1

  1. Love it! ~ I wonder what these boys are saying? They look relaxed and happy…
    I’d like to improve my photography also by posting a ‘Sunday’ photo on my blog (if you approve, of course!)

  2. steven

    Well done, Richard.
    the presence of a fish, or a shark fin (!) may have given the photo more dynamics…
    good composition, but what’s in the red bowl?
    to paraphase William Carlos Williams
    so much depends upon
    the red bowl
    glazed with sea water
    beside the (white) children…

    • Excellent idea, Stephen.

      I’m very tempted to photoshop a shark fin in there…and maybe a scorpion should be running around the rim of the red bowl.

      In the following shot that innocent boy in red could reach for the bait and…

      …after yelping he could dive into the shark-infested water…

      Cut to horrified ashen faces of the other kids as…

      …the water churns…

      A flapping shark is tossed onto the jetty…

      The boy emerges from the water, fist pumping the air…

      Should I stick to my core business as a storyteller?

      • And for those like me who were wondering what Steven the Poet was referring to in the above comment, here it is:

        The Red Wheelbarrow

        so much depends

        a red wheel

        glazed with rain

        beside the white

        – William Carlos Williams

  3. bagnidilucca

    I think it is a lovely photo. I don’t think it needs a sharkfin.

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