BRISBANE FLOODS – a (relatively) good news story

The clean-up begins. Photo Debra Kolkka.

While I’ve been writing about the Sydney Festival and pleasant theatre events, it will not have escaped the notice of anyone with the slightest interest in Australia that recent floods in Queensland and now Victoria have been taking a terrible toll.

It’s nothing compared to the recent flood disasters in Pakistan and Brazil of course, but quite bad enough. More than twenty people have drowned and thousands have had their homes and businesses ruined.

The house of my fellow blogger and regular correspondent Debra Kolkka was one of those which went under the muddy water. She’s written about it and posted photos, first of the damage, then of the clean-up.

It is an inspiring story of a community, neighbourhood and friends working together and I warmly recommend it to you.

Check out Debra Kolkka’s blog.


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5 responses to “BRISBANE FLOODS – a (relatively) good news story

  1. bagnidilucca

    Thank you for your mention of my flood story. The way people have stepped in to help is truly wonderful – and it is continuing. Thousands of people are doing whatever they can to help those who have lost everything. We are fine, we have insurance. It is an investement house which we don’t live in, so we don’t have an emotional attachment, which makes it a lot easier to accept what has happened. We can rebuild the kitchen and bathroom and soon be back to normal. For many people it is an absolute disaster. It will take a long time to recover, but I would like to think people will continue to have help.

    • It’s a story worth telling, Debra, and you’ve told it very well.

      And be thankful for small mercies – I bet your blog hits have spiked!

      • bagnidilucca

        Yes, the blog was very busy last week. I was quite surprised how many supportive comments I received. I wrote it as much for myself as anyone. I don’t really remember much about the 74 flood. I was young, I had not long returned from Italy, I had a baby and I lived at the Gold Coast. Media coverage was not as extensive as it is now. I will certainly remember this one.

  2. edna njio-mijares

    Truly appreciate your interesting feedback/news on (“van alles en nog wat”)…..current events.

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