SNOW ON MARS – for one week only

My play Snow on Mars opened last night. I’ll leave the serious reviewing to others, but thanks to the audience who came, laughed, gasped and applauded, and to Gale Edwards (director) Kim Carpenter (producer/designer) and the fabulous hard-working cast and crew from Theatre of Image. No-one can say it’s not a wonderful production to look at.

Rick Everett and Deborah Kennedy

Waylon (Rick Everett) runs rings around the planet.

Waylon gives his friend Gabi (Dannielle Jackson) a flying lesson

...and she's a fast learner! Photo - Daily Telegraph

Waylon hitches a ride with the Ghost Astronaut (Dean Cross)

Kim Carpenter's miniature caravans provide the setting

Dean Cross and Rick Everett show what good core strength training can do for a physical performer.

It never fails to excite me, watching a scene taken from the bare bones of a script, through the hard, sweaty work of the rehearsal room... create a magical, moving and uplifting moment on the stage. Dean Cross, Dannielle Jackson, Elliott Weston, Deborah Kennedy, Rick Everett.

Thanks too Jamie Williams and Branco Gaica for the photos.

Snow on Mars runs in the Seymour Centre, York Theatre as part of the Sydney Festival until January 16. Bring the kids, and see it if you can!

STOP PRESS: Reviews for the show are out and they’re terrific! Here are the ones from the Daily Telegraph and The Australian.

Phew! Of course we pay no attention to reviews (unless they say nice things; then they’re written by geniuses who really know their stuff), but after all that work by all those people over all that time, it’s a relief to find that we’re loved and appreciated!

STOP STOP PRESS: In the 2012 Sydney Theatre Awards, Snow on Mars was named Best Production for Children, and Kim Carpenter was nominated in the category Best Set Design. The play also won the 2012 Australian Writers Guild AWGIE award as Best Stage Play for Children.

Naturally arts awards and all those ceremonies, acceptance speeches and trophies are meaningless sideshows…unless we win!


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9 responses to “SNOW ON MARS – for one week only

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  2. bagnidilucca

    I wish I lived in Sydney. It looks great.

  3. Looks absolutely fabulous. Are you bringing it to the UK? Is it on a world tour? I’m sure it would break box office records.

    • We live in hope, John.

      Please email me a list of all your friends/contacts/business colleagues who are cashed-up West End and/or Broadway producers willing to take a punt on a brilliant little show from Down Under.

      I’m sitting by the phone!

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  5. Richard, Kim and everyone – well done! If the production goes to Perth do let me know so I can arrange for my eight year old grandson Ben to experience it. Ben is quite impressed by the thought of going to Mars himself.

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