GEOCACHING – I finally join the secret society

It's somewhere over there...

Shh – don’t tell the muggles! I found one! A geocache…right there, approximately where the website said it would be. All I had to do was to take my bike on a 40km ride, wheel it down a muddy track where nobody goes, apart from birdwatchers and mosquitoes , look around for a few minutes, reach my hand into a promising spot, brush away the red-back spider webs and there it was – my first geocache!

No, of course I’m not telling you where. You’ll have to find your own one. There are more than 1.2 million of them out there somewhere, as you can see if you look at the geocaching website.

All I can say is that using my GPS was not all that important. In fact, the co-ordinates on the website and the co-ordinates on my GPS gave readings at least 10 metres apart, leaving me a reasonably large area to search in. Having found it, I spent a minute or two running down the list of people who found it before. There were about thirty of them, the most recent one a month ago. I wanted to add my name to the list of jubilant finders, but I couldn’t. Next time I’ll take a pen with me.


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5 responses to “GEOCACHING – I finally join the secret society

  1. bagnidilucca

    You know you did it – and now we do too.

  2. But how do we know you are telling the truth, Richard?

  3. Dare you suggest that a reputable blogger would ever play fast and loose with the truth, Stephen?

    You may be allowed a certain degree of poetic licence yourself. I have a responsibility to my loyal readers, thousands of whom, well hundreds…er some of whom anyway, rely on my information to guide their lives.

    You read it on the internet – you have to believe it!

  4. And how many have you found since this post?

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