CYCLING NEPAL – can it be done?

Nepal is the ‘number one MTB destination of the world’ according to a website I came across. There are companies that offer cycle touring in the Kathmandu valley, but I can’t claim to have tested them.

Our trek is in the Everest region, where they haven’t yet invented the wheel. No wonder, with tracks like this:

…and obstacles like this…

…or this…
Kathmandu itself is flatter, but cyclists have to cope with this…

Nevertheless, in the capital plenty of brave locals take to the bike. Few do it for pleasure – it’s a matter of necessity, or business.

But some time, after I’ve had a lot more practice, it would be nice to try the bike here and get a slice of this sort of action:

The writer was the guest of World Expeditions.


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6 responses to “CYCLING NEPAL – can it be done?

  1. bagnidilucca

    I can’t imagine riding a bike there! Waling looks difficult enough. It looks like a wonderful experience.

  2. bagnidilucca

    Obviously I meant walking. Waling may be easy.

    • Waling (or ‘wailing’ as it is spelled in standard English) is easy enough when your knees are feeling enough pain, BdL.

      Whaling is not possible in landlocked Nepal.

      We have done some walling, however, and there were plenty of rocks to play with. More about that later…

  3. I rented a bike and cycled around Kathmandu, on my own, about ten years ago. Not easy, and I had to deal with such challenges as traffic jams caused by sleeping cows, circling roundabouts three times just to find an exit and being chased by mad dogs. Getting out of Kathmandu proved the real difficulty, but it was a nice ride after that.

    I’d like to think I’d be brave enough to try it again, but I suspect reckless youth had a hand in it…

    • Well done, Beate! That gives you considerable bragging rights. I had seriously thought of joining a city cycling tour, but a look at the traffic put me off. Not just because of the danger (traffic seems to politely swerve around stray bikes, dogs and cows) but there’s the noise and the fumes to contend with too.

      Not a pleasant experience. Some of the out of town riding looks brilliant, however.

  4. Great pics, Richard. Keep them coming. I think I would pass on the cycling, too.

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