KATHMANDU, NEPAL – faces in the street

Tourist town Thamel

Kathmandu is big, busy, dirty, noisy, touristy, disorderly, sweaty, confronting and generally unpleasant. It’s the people that make it fascinating…

The writer was the guest of World Expeditions.


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4 responses to “KATHMANDU, NEPAL – faces in the street

  1. bagnidilucca

    I felt the same about India. it was very confronting, but the people are so great it makes you want to go back.

    • Yes BdL, is there anything that can be done about (for starters) those little girls carrying those huge bags of waste paper and cardboard?

      You’d like to think it’s a sort of school holiday job, like Australian kids collecting aluminium cans for pocket money, but I fear it’s not.

  2. Jan

    The picture of the little girl with the pigeon is so beautiful – a thousand words could be written starting with that picture and then to contrast that with the little girls and those huge sacks on their backs….as if the wings of their dreams are destined to become ossified. Lets hope not.

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