HIMALAYAS, NEPAL – why a chopper is the best

Due to bad weather, flights to Lukla have been cancelled for the three days. We’re only going to Phaphlu, but there’s a such a backlog at Kathmandu Airport that we’re unlikely to get a plane there for another two days. ‘Two possibilities,’ says our guide Ang, ‘we could take a helicopter tomorrow, which will cost an extra $450 each. Or we could take a bus and walk to Phaphlu from there.’

Our group discusses this for a while, before someone asks, ‘Just how long is the bus ride?’

Ang considers this for a while. ‘Maybe eleven-twelve hours.’

‘And we can walk from there?’

‘We can walk, yes.’

‘How far?’

More thought, then, ‘Maybe four days walking.’

‘We’ll take the helicopter please.’

It turns out to be money very well spent. A forty minute flight, with views of the Himalayas that we’ll remember forever.

The writer was the guest of World Expeditions.


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2 responses to “HIMALAYAS, NEPAL – why a chopper is the best

  1. Looks absolutely spectacular, Richard.

  2. bagnidilucca

    I would have taken the helicopter too! It looks fabulous.

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