CESIS, LATVIA – where Lenin is lying in crate

My fellow travellers were doing the guided tour around the ruins of the mediaeval castle, a short drive out of Riga...'First we look at the grounds, then we go inside to see the beautiful restored private parts of the Baron...'

...but I was intrigued by a plaque next to an oversized coffin, stuck away in a corner. I absconded from the group to take a closer look.

It's a surplus Lenin statue. He used to stand in city squares all over Latvia, but now he's been given some time off.

The writer was the guest of Odyssey travel: http://www.odysseytravel.com.au


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7 responses to “CESIS, LATVIA – where Lenin is lying in crate

  1. latviete

    As usual, these relics of “Russian Occupation” are taking up space instead of being returned to Russia.

    • Latviete, I would be very interested to hear how Latvians feel about displaying these relics of the Soviet times.

      From a tourist’s point of view, they were a reminder to us of the country’s past suffering. Leaving Lenin there for all to see seemed to be a gently ironic way of saying, ‘We can’t forget those days, and we never want to return to them.’

      • Good reply, Richard! (from the point of view of another ‘latviete’) I suspect the feelings about Soviet times are complicated, to say the least. Mine are mostly second hand since I left as a child.

  2. Thanks, Gunta. I saw another Lenin in Atyrau, Kazakhstan, last year. He used to stride heroically and purposefully in front of the town hall, iron coat flapping behind him. Now he’s still striding, but they’ve moved him so he now strides down a blind alley.

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