We were riding the bikes through Gelderland this week. It is beautiful countryside and the Hoge Veluwe is a highlight – the Netherlands’ biggest national park.

Suddenly we came across this…
Surrounded by Dutch landscape there’s a farm, with camping facilities, a superb exhibition of African sculpture and a workshop where visitors can learn stone carving from Zimbabwean artists.

The African carvings on display may be deceptively simple, traditional and folksy, but they are beautifully executed, and looked absolutely brilliant when set against a background of Dutch fields and forests.

Naturally when you’re on a cycling trip the last thing you need is a large lump of stone to put in your saddlebag, however beautiful it may be, but we couldn’t resist buying a small souvenir to take home.

Congratulations, Quadenoord Farm, this is a brilliant enterprise and a delightful surprise for us and anybody else who happens to be passing!



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  1. David Coldrey

    Hi Richard,
    I agree with you that some of the Zimbabwean art is amazing and reminiscent of the great Brancusi in its style and form.
    I also heard on local radio 774 that there is a highly regarded Museum of Australian Indigenous Art in Utrecht. Something for you to check out.
    Cheers, DC

  2. Hello DC, yes, we’d just seen of Brancusi’s efforts in the fabulous Kroller-Muller Museum, also in the Veluwe National Park. This Zimbabwean work was even more exciting because we came upon it totally by chance.

    I know the Museum of Aboriginal Art in Utrecht too – also a great enterprise and apparently a very successful one.

  3. Ina Fine

    Hi Richard, Totally agree with your feelings about Kroller Muller Musem. I always have been surprised that not more tourist visit it. Wished I had known about this Zimbawean one. Have to leave it till next time in Holland.
    If around Nijmegen, visit the Africa museum in Berg and Dal and another worth wile stop of an hour or so is the War Museum in Groesbeek. Information about the accidental bombing of Nijmegen by the Allies and lots of good background information on “Operation Market Garden”
    Keep up your travel stories!

    • Hi Ine, We were intending to get to Nijmegen on this trip, but ran out of time. Thanks for the tips and I’ll put the African museum and the Groesbeek War Museum on the list for the next visit. Groetjes!

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