GIRO D’ITALIA SCOOP – my exclusive with Cadel

Cadel in pink, Giro Day 3

G’day from Amsterdam for the last time, Cadel.

It was great to finally meet you this morning, and I really enjoyed our little pre-race chat.

I feel that I’ve done all I can for you now, since you’re off to Italia tomorrow to continue the Giro and I can’t afford the plane ticket to come with you. But so far you’re doing very well, and I think you’ll be fine to take it on your own from here.

Yesterday the entire peloton flashed past my vantage point in Amsterdam in less than four seconds, but I quite understand. It’s hard to stop and talk when you’re in such a rush. So today I thought I’d go early to the start of the race and catch you when you had a bit more time on your hands.

It's not safe to leave your bike where any fool can touch it, Cadel.

I was shocked and surprised to arrive at Amsterdam Zuid station and find that your BMC bikes hadn’t been locked up. This is Amsterdam, Cadel, the bicycle theft capital of the universe! Nicking bikes and on-selling them is one of the city’s major economic activities. I saw you had a spare on top of a support car, but leaving your good bike unattended on the street is asking for trouble!

Here’s a picture of my anti-theft city bike. You’ll notice it has a big chain on it and a bolt lock through the rear wheel.

My bike, showing the correct way to park in Amsterdam

That Giro d’Italia souvenir bag is exactly what you need for keeping the saddle dry. It’s good value at 10 euros and you get a cap and t-shirt too. Also four Giro fridge magnets, a wrist bracelet and a ‘targa’ (not sure what that is, something Italian) – nine items in all. Did you buy yours yet, Cadel?

It was all go at the start of the Giro, stage 3. There were free pink drinks being handed out, which I think were a sort of fruit cocktail, synthetic guava juice perhaps. Quite nice anyway. Outside a special tent, people who looked more important than me were lining up for champagne and coffee.

I’m telling you all about this, Cadel, because even though you were there, you weren’t able to get out and enjoy it. You and the entire BMC team were sheltering in the big red bus, to avoid being swamped by the media I assume. It must be pretty squashy in there. No wonder they pick skinny little guys to be in the cycling team.

Lots of bald people wanted to meet you, Cadel.

But finally you all emerged, waved to the crowd in a friendly way, and when the scrum cleared to let you through we were able to have our little talk. This blog report is going out into cyberspace, where lots of avid followers of RT’s LOTR are waiting anxiously to find out what you and I chatted about. It was nothing of a particularly private or personal nature, so I hope you don’t mind my sharing it with my readers.

I took a close up shot of your pink jersey. Hope you don't mind.

The conversation started with your correspondent laying a friendly hand on C.E.’s shoulder, in the process coming into contact with the coveted pink jersey. From there, the conversation went something like…


CADEL EVANS: Thank you.

And thank you too, Cadel. It means a such lot to know I’m making a difference, and that all my efforts are appreciated.

Best of luck,


STOP PRESS: Cadel had a bit of trouble with the wind in Zeeland and lost some time on Day 3. It was fun, Nederland enjoyed it and so did I. Thanks for coming. Ciao!

Arrivederci, Giro.


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2 responses to “GIRO D’ITALIA SCOOP – my exclusive with Cadel

  1. David Coldrey

    Now I heard on the radio that it was’t just the high winds but some chain problems that caused CE to go from 1st to 24th. Just goes to show you should park your bike somewhere safe. As you may know CE spends part of his year at his home in Barwon Heads and I had an up close moment when in my motor car I had to brake to let him zip around a roundabout and over the Barwon Heads bridge riding towards Ocean Grove but that pales into insignificance compared to your up close and very personal moment – treasure it.

    • David, seeing your car approaching that roundabout would have pushed CE to ride faster for a moment, leading to a small but lasting effect on his heart, lungs and legs. We’re all doing our little bits, contributing to his success and can bask in the reflected glory. CE, for his part, has caused a massive spike in interest in this blog, so never let it be said champions take but don’t give back. Keep up the good work next time you see him!

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