GIROMANIA, AMSTERDAM – The Giro d’Italia flashes past

G’day again Cadel,

I hope you got a good night’s sleep. Amsterdam has a lot of notorious distractions available to young visitors, but your manager probably gave you guys a curfew and suggested you stick to the drugs issued by the team doctor.

It’s been busy in town while the Giro is here. You may have noticed during the time trial yesterday that lots of the streets are shut to let you have a clear run. Amsterdam’s local cyclists have to carry their bikes (some of them very heavy ones) up the footbridges when they want to cross the road.

Amsterdam has been preparing for the Giro for months. A garbage strike was carefully timed for this week so the Dutch collectors could make their case for a pay rise. Some say they left the garbage there for the Giro to make normally spotless Amsterdam look more Italian, but I doubt that.

Mevrouw Tulloch and I rode our solid city bikes to Amsterdam’s Churchilllaan to see you pass today. The atmosphere in the crowd as we waited for you to arrive was electric, as you can imagine.

Then suddenly, there you were, Cadel! At least I think you were there, unless you slept in. It all happened too fast for me to pick you out, and within three seconds you were gone again.

I did manage to get a good look at your spare bikes today, though. Gee, you’ve got a lot of them! You’ll be pleased to know the car driver was being very careful, so they probably won’t fall off before they get to Utrecht, even if he hits a bump.

Yesterday a Dutch guy next to me said, ‘Dat is Evans, de Amerikaner’, so I soon put him right on that one. Tomorrow I’ll go out to the Amsterdamse Bos to give you a wave and an ‘Aussie, Aussie, Aussie’ as you head down to Middelburg. Maybe you could wear some wattle on your helmet so I’ll know which one you are.

Good luck,

Your mate in cycling, Richard

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