ZAANDAM INNTEL – Holland’s strangest hotel?

“If you want to build new multistorey hotel in our town, it has to fit in with the existing architecture.”

But the surrounding architecture in the town of Zaandam, just outside Amsterdam, includes the cute little Dutch dolls’ houses and windmills of the Zaanse Schans. They’ve been moved there from other parts of Holland to create a living open air museum which is now a popular tourist attraction. This sort of stuff…

Zaanse Schans

So this is how the designers of the Inntel Hotel handled the problem of fitting in with them:

The Inntel Hotel Zaandam opened a few weeks ago. Not surprisingly, it’s controversial with residents, but it will surely put Zaandam on the tourists’ radar. I made a special trip out from Amsterdam (and hour on the bike, though it would have been just a few minutes had I taken the train) and shot a few photos.

I love a building with a sense of humour. Well done, architects Molenaar and van Winden!

But wait...there's more to come!

Construction work on the complex is still continuing.

I haven’t seen the hotel from the inside, but I presume each room has a traditional low beam for guests to bump their heads on. According to the hotel’s publicity, rooms are decorated with pictures of chocolates, cookies, cheese and mustard – now there’s a selling point! And there are double rooms available for under 100 euros – that’s more like it!


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14 responses to “ZAANDAM INNTEL – Holland’s strangest hotel?

  1. Edna Njio

    Kudos to your grand efforts and most of all, for sharing♥. Just like you, I love a building (or on anything) with a sense of humour…gives cheers and joy to life♥.

  2. I loved Zaanse Schans, so cozy inside. It made me romanticize the idea of living in a windmill.

    • Thanks, Melody, actually friends of ours did live for a while in Zaanse Schans – not in a windmill; in one of the other little doll’s houses. Very cozy as you say, but the novelty of the low beams and the stream of passing tourists photographing them through their windows wore off after a year or two!

  3. Hihi, i live in Zaandam. That’s near to my house.

  4. Great stuff! (now THAT”S a comment!)

  5. I’d like to reblog your post Richard…. is that OK? I’m not sure of the protocols involved….are you? I guess if you agree I just click on the Reblog button at the top. As soon as you give me a Yes or No I’ll proceed…..or not, as the case may be.

  6. Reblogged this on brissiemaz and commented:
    If you’re interested in unusual buildings you must check out this wonderful post by Richard Tulloch !

  7. incredible isnt it .. and yes cudos to a very different design 🙂

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