ASTI, ITALY – the small Piedmont town in pictures

Possibly more non-Italians have encountered ‘Asti’ in a crossword puzzle than have ever tasted its wine. I have a glass of sparkling red in front of me as I write – Freisa d’Asti. It’s doing the boj (oops, job) nicely, as did last night’s heavy red Barbera from the same region. And this little town just outside Torino (Turin) looks very pleasant too.

A quiet back street in Asti's Old Town

Asti's main street, Corso Vittorio Alfieri.

Asti Cathedral- The town is known for its square blocky towers.

Asti Junior football club holds an open training session by the front of a small crowd of fans.


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5 responses to “ASTI, ITALY – the small Piedmont town in pictures

  1. Nice shots of Asti. I know and love that small town.

  2. Thank you, Gabriele,

    We’d never been there before, and it was nice that it is so small that a visitor can get to know it a little in just a day.

  3. delina mares

    want to know more about Asti, my mothers maiden name was Asti… can I e mail this to family. also i am looking for the mountain that spells out the name Asti….

    • Thanks for the visit and the comment, Delina. I’m afraid I’m not an Asti expert, having spent only a few hours there. I can only tell you it’s a very pretty town, and worth visiting if you are in that area. By all means pass on the link to anybody who may be interested.

  4. delina mares

    want to see more photos.. Have relatives named Asti, would like to send them photos and information.

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